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Meet Emily Mayer

Emily Mayer is a local mom who moved to Bluffton during the population surge of 2020. She previously went to college and graduate school in New Jersey before starting her career as a special education teacher. Growing up, Emily moved frequently for her father’s job, serving as a member of the clergy, during which she became accustomed to re-establishing her roots in new towns. Such a unique life perspective has allowed Emily to learn from all sorts of communities, developing relationships from a young age and setting her on a path for social action and advocacy that she continues on today.

From day one in Bluffton, she has dedicated her time to learning from and engaging in this community. She volunteers with multiple local organizations and participates in numerous local events, like the annual Arts Festival in Old Town, where you can find her counting all the birds her daughters can spot in each piece of artwork. Her time in the community has made her familiar with the needs of the town. She has learned from local leaders about the importance of collaboration and how to continue the growth and success of Bluffton.

Emily currently works as the senior manager at The Ford and Ford Group, where she focuses much of her time on teaching others how to advocate for their communities. Emily is a problem solver who believes that government should be transparent and accessible to each and every person. Her strong ties to the Bluffton delegation in Columbia make her a trusted and proven advocate for the town and its citizens, proving she can communicate our needs at various levels of government. She fights for all Bluffton residents on all kinds of issues, and now she can officially bring this energy to Town Council. She’s poised to work alongside the people of Bluffton in our local government.

Emily lives in the Lawton Station neighborhood with her husband, Phil, their two young daughters, Charlotte and Eliana, and their dog, Cameron.