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Affordable Living

Affordable living extends beyond housing. Once families are in Bluffton, they need to be able to continue to afford to live, contribute, and thrive here. I have a plan to help all members of our community to succeed.

Building an Inclusive Future: A Comprehensive Approach to Affordable Living in Bluffton

Key Areas of Focus

  1. Affordable Housing Initiatives

    • Strategies to increase the availability of affordable housing.
    • Policies to control rent hikes and support low-income families.
  2. Economic Development and Job Creation

    • Encouraging local business growth and entrepreneurship.
    • Creating job opportunities with livable wages.
    • Training and skill development programs for high-demand industries.
  3. Childcare Accessibility and Affordability

    • Expanding affordable childcare options.
    • Subsidies or financial assistance programs for low-income families.
    • Partnering with local businesses to offer childcare solutions.
  4. Healthcare and Wellness

    • Initiatives to improve access to affordable healthcare services.
    • Programs to promote wellness and preventive care in the community.
  5. Education and Training Opportunities

    • Enhancing public education and vocational training programs.
    • Partnerships with local colleges and trade schools for accessible education.
  6. Sustainable Transportation

    • Developing affordable and efficient public transportation.
    • Initiatives to encourage carpooling, biking, and walking.

Implementation Strategies